Win N1,500 In OLAXALI Short Story Challenge

Submit Your Short Story/Article And Win N1,500 In “OLAXALI Short Story Challenge’….

Hey! You’ve got a great idea, story, or you have passion for writing? is a good platform for you to submit your self written story that has not been posted on any website/blog or any other social media websites and make money

In less than one year, has been able to gather millions of daily views from several countries of the world including Nigeria, USA, Kenya and many others. The views are increasing and soon, we’re going to be reaching millions of billions daily.

Stop wasting your talent take this opportunity and participate in “Olaxali Short Story Challenge” and win N1,500 cash prize.

The writer that his or her story have the highest page views and comments get reward of #1,500

The second position will get the reward of #500

And the third position get reward of #200

How To Participate:
Send in your original  short story or article which must not be less than 1,000 words to

Your article must be original and meaningful, must have an art cover or image as the featured image.

Your short story/article must be submitted between January 5th to 15th. Submission closes on January 15th.

Your short story/article can be Romance, Comedy, Thriller, Crime, Society, Politics, or others… We accept all kinds of stories as long it is meaningful and its meets our requirements.

Your name, short profile and your contacts details, should be attached to the story or article you’re sending.

How The Winner Is Decided:
Beginning from 17th of January, the shortlisted Stories/articles will be Published on the blog daily, from 17th to 20th. While the overall winner will be announced on the 27th of January

The story/article with the highest views and comments wins the the challenge and the cash prize. So if you know you want to win the challenge, once your story is Published on the blog, start sharing on the social media, for your friends to read and comment on your article.

Once again, the story with highest views, comments and most shared on social media wins the cash prize.

The Winner
The winner of the short story challenge will be profiled on the blog, his/her picture will be on the front-page of the blog for 1 Month as Celebrity of the month. The payment of the cash prize will be made on the 30th of January to the winner’s bank account.

Start Sending your short story

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Imagine if animals were to be on facebook,we’ll be seeing posts and comments like…………

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I am Chidex

Wedding Invitation

I was invited to a wedding.. when I
reached the hotel I found two doors
1. Wedding ceremony.
2. Birthday ceremony.
I entered the one written wedding
ceremony I saw two more doors.
1. Invited.
2. Non invited.
I went through invited, then I approached
another two doors.
1. Graduate.
2. under graduate.
I entered graduate, then I saw two more
1. people with gifts
2. people without gift
I went through the one written people
without gifts. Then…
I found myself outside the
hotel through the back door! And on the door was
“so u no bring
anytin and u wan come eat free jollof rice n chicken

MMM Jokes

When MMM froze my money, I thought about it and I found out that life without MMM MONEY would be meaningless. So I decided to kill myself. . I jumped from my reading table to my very soft Mouka foam but I didn’t die. I went to the express road and looked carefully before crossing the road and nothing happened to me. . I drank four rubbers of lacasera with plenty suya but nothing happened,,I tooked a lot of mangoes without swallowing the seeds,yet I didn’t see hell!. . I proceeded to another level of concotion. I prepared gizzard and kidney sauce with strawberry juice and lots of fresh tomatoes,yet nothing happened to me. I ate cake,chocolate mixed with ice cream still I didn’t die. Am so worried now because I just finished eating fried rice with chilled Malta Guinness and fresh fruit salad but nothing has happened to me. I am really upset now. . Friends,what do I do? Should I try fried plantain and chicken with fresh milk? Will it work because I really want to kill myself?

Compare and Contrast

• Big Brother Africa sponsored by Coca-Cola: $300,000 (N48m)
• Maltina Dance: N10 million.
• MTN Project Fame: N7.5million & SUV.
• Etisalat’s Nigerian Idol: N5m & multi-million Naira contracts.
• Glo Naija Sings: N5million & SUV.
• Gulder ultimate search: N10m plus endorsements & SUV.
COWBELL Mathematics competition: N100k
Lagos State Spelling Bee: N50k
• School scrabble: N25k.
• Cool-FM spelling game: A goodie bag filled with Amiladrink.
• UNN BEST Graduating Student: N50k
And someone is asking and wondering why there is
so much failure in WAEC n JAMB???
Soon a time will come when parents will no longer say: Read your books and get good grades but “Read your lyrics and make a hit song!”
I am Chidex

Who is more insane?

A man was walking and a mad man was walking at his back with a cutlass. The first man was so furious and afraid, do you know what he said??

He said, “I will not talk to you until I look for my head”.


Now who is the insane one here?

Must Read: MMM has finished me ooo!!!!

Must Read: MMM has finished me ooo!!!!

I borrowed 200,000 to do this MMM that has been trending, just to get a little thing and send the money back to the owner.

However,my trouble began when after providing help, I requested to get help of 290,000 and all MMM could do was to merge me with my landlord whom I’ve been owing rent of 250,000.

Now see what my landlord did: he called me on phone to say, “Tosin, it seems MMM matched me with you to pay you 290,000”
Me: Hhhmm! Yes sir!
Landlord: I hope you still remember my rent of 10 months you’re owing me?
Me: I will pay sir.
Landlord: I will just upload your house rent receipt and you will confirm me, then later come and collect your remaining balance in my house.

What will you do if you were in my shoes?
Having headache.. because of mmm



Have a wonderful weekend