Shame as man gets stuck inside married woman during sex

A married woman and her secret lover were given the disgrace of their lives after they got stuck together during sex.

It was a show of shame and public disgrace in a Kenyan region after a man got stuck inside a married woman during sex inside a hotel called Explor-Inn.

The Nairobi Daily reports that the married woman and her secret lover had gone to a hotel to have sex but after the tryst, the man could not withdraw his manhood from the woman’s private part and after trying for a long time, they had to cry out and call the attention of the hotel staff.

When the hotel staff broke into the room, they too could not help the pair and had to call in outside help which further exposed them to public ridicule as many people gathered to watch the show of shame.

   The crowd that gathered brought out the couple into the street and placed them on a cart pushed along the street to a native doctor’s shrine where they could be separated.

   According to witnesses, the husband of the woman must have placed a potent juju called ‘Magun’ (an African charm which is applied to punish adulterers) to check her infidelity.

Interview with Mr. Romeo Upcoming Kano artist !!!


    Mr lukman (Romeo)

Romeo: Thank You, l’m honoured

Olagold: Nice having you in our house today!

Romeo: Yeah thanks

Olagold: *You go by the stage name Romeo, don’t you think some of your fans out there, will like to know your real name?

Romeo: Honestly yes, l’m Lukman by name but u known as usual, artist usually have a nickname

Olagold: Wow, Permit me to call you Mr. Lukman

Romeo: Done sir!

Olagold: So Mr. Lukman, How did you get influenced to this music career?

Romeo: Honestly music is something l never thought was part of my career, l was the ceo of a crew named C3 {classic cool city} , so there was a time we thought we have to pay someone to sing 4 our crew, but some of my guys said we can do it ourselves, at 1st we doubted each other, but we then gave ourselves some courage and decided to sing 4 our crew, that was how it started!

Olagold: Wow, interesting. should I say you guys where determined to get the best for your selves?

Romeo: Yes sir, and suddenly it worked

Olagold: That’s great! So who is your mentor in the musical industry?

Romeo: May.D

Olagold: O.M.G Mr. May.D come and see your Boy!
Don’t mind me!
So how many songs do you have to your credit, and which is your favorite?

Romeo: I have like 4 tracks namely Yaran kogytes, MyName, Julie and Bahdguys, but MyName is my Favourite

Olagold: Uhm, interesting!
To me too, my name is my favorite!

Romeo: Thanks sir

Olagold: Can you tell us some little things about your self??

Romeo: Hmm yea, Am lukman zakari by name, am kogi state and am 20yrz old

Olagold: Wow. That’s great Mr. Romeo!
So are you cooking any music for your fans out there?

Olagold: Like, new music!

Romeo: Yeah, am planning though, but l have to clear some things 1st

Olagold: OK Mr. Romeo!
Thanks for your time and patience, we are very grateful.

What do you have to tell your fans?

Romeo: I want to thank them for the support they placed on me, it nice having them around always, without them there is no music!

Olagold: Thank you Mr. Romeo!
Expecting to hear that Good music once again!
Good Bye

Here’s Some Sample Of His Musics

Listen And Enjoy

Title: My Name

Artist: Romeo

Featuring: Ajax, Prince Z

Title: Julie

Artist: Romeo

Year: 2016


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Ex-BBNaija Housemate Gifty Shows Off Too Much Clea’vage In New Photo

Former housemate of Big Brother Naija 2017, Gifty is definitely a celebrity and she’s basking in her new found fame gotten from the reality show.

She shared this lovely photo of herself that flaunted her goodies and captioned it with:


Who did it best? Funke Akindele Vs Kim Kardashian

​Aww! Funke is always slaying

Actress, Funke Akindele’ s husband, JJC Skillz helped her arrange her dress as they got ready to take photos on the AMVCA 2017 red carpet.

Obviously, the gentleman took a cue from perfectionist , Kanye West, who is known to make sure his wife is beyond perfect every time they hit the red carpet together.

Here’s are photos of Kanye adjusting Kim’s dress on the red carpet of GQ Men Of The Year Awards in London.

She No Dey Tire! Tonto Dikeh Resurface in the headlines Again

Nollywood actress, Tonto Dikeh, has not been allowed to drink water since the news of her failed marriage and day in and out; various allegations are being leveled against her.
Recently, news circulated alleging the actress of saying some years back that she can never get married to an Igbo man and that got some of her fans and those from the region wondering.

Well, since no one interrogated her on the issue, she chose to keep silent until a fan was bold enough to challenge her on the issue which she immediately gave her own side.

Read the convo below

iam_princessdiana1 : @tontolet am a huge fan of yours and also Igbo by tribe.. I read in a blog yesterday where you said you will never marry Igbo though a long time ago, honestly I felt bad because I know we d igbos love u and also the movies u feature in.. despite that we are one Please if you ever said that just know that it really hurt a lot of people. you are always beautiful and blessed @tontolet

tontolet : @iam_princessdiana1 No honey don’t believe everything you read. At some point I had too many fake accounts impersonating me, saw and heard too many wrong messages via imposters unlike now I have almost all my account verified. Am partly Igbo, I have Igbo brothers. Started making a living from Iweka road onitsha via movies (Igbo land). My best boyfriend been single was Igbo sooo my darling it’s all wrong info and sorry for the misconception!!I LOVE IGBOS

Late Ooni Of Ife’s Son Surprises His Fiancee With Brand New Car

Aderemi Sijuwade, one of the sons of late Ooni of Ife, Oba Okunade Sijuwade, surprised his fiancee, makeup artist Labisi Folawiyo with a luxury Mercedes Benz car as an early morning gift on their wedding day.

Prince Aderemi Sijuwade and Labisi traditionally wedded yesterday, March 4th, 2017 in a very lavish, beautiful ceremony that had the current Ooni of Ife and more dignitaries in attendance. The couple got engaged July 2016.

If a lady doesn’t pass at least 15 of these Tests, she is not wife material

Relationship blogger and consultant, Joro Olumofin has listed tests for Nigerian bachelors should give their future wives.
According to him, if a lady doesn’t pass at least 15,she is not wife material.

Dear Eligible Bachelors in Nigeria, any lady who doesn’t pass at least 15 out of these tests is not a wife material by LOVE DOCTOR @joroolumofin .This article is inspired by a conversation I had with a couple of friends at a resort over the weekend. We realized that unlike our parents times it’s very hard to identify the ONE because of social media, wedding pressures, most girls looking like barbies. Are there still loving traditional supportive women out there ?

Here are a few tests you can run on a prospective wife or lover

Ask her on a date using Keke Marwa, BRT or danfo Bus even if you have a car

Tell her to go Natural. No makeup, weave-on or attachments

Say you forgot your wallet on a date and see how she reacts

Tell her you lost your job or you want to pursue your dreams OR you’re quitting your job to be a DJ or barber

Wake her up 3am in the morning to make you Eba and Okro soup

Tell her you’re celibate and you don’t want sex till marriage

Tell her you want to resign your job to be a worker in the house of God with little income.

Get her all dressed up and take her to a fast food joint.

If you have a beard, shave it all up. 10. Tell her to courtesy by kneeling while serving you food

Propose without a ring

Tell her your mother and 2 siblings are moving in with you after marriage

Tell her she must attend mid week service and join the choir mistress gild

Tell her you’re going country, leaving the city and moving to Iyana Iba or mowe ibafo

Tell her to add your mom , dad and all siblings on social media and bbm

Only on April fools tell her you got a University girl pregnant. Only on Aprils Fool Day.

Tell her you’re going for a course and she should wait for you. be it ( Msc , MBA, Phd )

Tell her your mother will be cooking for you

Tell her she can’t watch Zee world or Telemundo anymore.

Tell her no makeup artist, professional photographer for your wedding that you’re saving up.

Fellas, trust me. try this. You will thank me later.

Watch her facial Expressions and body language you will get the true “ID” persona / archetypes of your partner.

Lobatan! Read What Tonto Dikeh’s Husband is saying again

Tonto Dikeh’s estranged husband, Oladunni Churchill, has revealed he remains positive about reconciling with the actress.

This comes after the actress revealed he was cheating on her and even alluded to the fact that he gave her STDs,was physically and emotionally abusive.

Despite this, when Churchill was asked if he still wishes to reconcile with his wife, he said, “I remain positive.” Also, Spokesperson to Churchill, Mr Paul says, his boss is doing everything to restore his marriage.

He told Pulse, “I will not like to refer to it as a drama. Because Mr Chairman holds this issue closely to heart and it’s a private family affair. “And I will implore Nigerians and the populace to allow private things to remain private. “All the things you are hearing about medical issues and all they are entirely false. “The chairman respects the privacy of his family; there may be issues and wants to keep things private.”