Interview with Mr. Romeo Upcoming Kano artist !!!


    Mr lukman (Romeo)

Romeo: Thank You, l’m honoured

Olagold: Nice having you in our house today!

Romeo: Yeah thanks

Olagold: *You go by the stage name Romeo, don’t you think some of your fans out there, will like to know your real name?

Romeo: Honestly yes, l’m Lukman by name but u known as usual, artist usually have a nickname

Olagold: Wow, Permit me to call you Mr. Lukman

Romeo: Done sir!

Olagold: So Mr. Lukman, How did you get influenced to this music career?

Romeo: Honestly music is something l never thought was part of my career, l was the ceo of a crew named C3 {classic cool city} , so there was a time we thought we have to pay someone to sing 4 our crew, but some of my guys said we can do it ourselves, at 1st we doubted each other, but we then gave ourselves some courage and decided to sing 4 our crew, that was how it started!

Olagold: Wow, interesting. should I say you guys where determined to get the best for your selves?

Romeo: Yes sir, and suddenly it worked

Olagold: That’s great! So who is your mentor in the musical industry?

Romeo: May.D

Olagold: O.M.G Mr. May.D come and see your Boy!
Don’t mind me!
So how many songs do you have to your credit, and which is your favorite?

Romeo: I have like 4 tracks namely Yaran kogytes, MyName, Julie and Bahdguys, but MyName is my Favourite

Olagold: Uhm, interesting!
To me too, my name is my favorite!

Romeo: Thanks sir

Olagold: Can you tell us some little things about your self??

Romeo: Hmm yea, Am lukman zakari by name, am kogi state and am 20yrz old

Olagold: Wow. That’s great Mr. Romeo!
So are you cooking any music for your fans out there?

Olagold: Like, new music!

Romeo: Yeah, am planning though, but l have to clear some things 1st

Olagold: OK Mr. Romeo!
Thanks for your time and patience, we are very grateful.

What do you have to tell your fans?

Romeo: I want to thank them for the support they placed on me, it nice having them around always, without them there is no music!

Olagold: Thank you Mr. Romeo!
Expecting to hear that Good music once again!
Good Bye

Here’s Some Sample Of His Musics

Listen And Enjoy

Title: My Name

Artist: Romeo

Featuring: Ajax, Prince Z

Title: Julie

Artist: Romeo

Year: 2016


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