If U Can’t Name At Least 10, You Are Not A Nigerian

Oya let’s see if u can name the products/organisations of d following adverts…..

1. If I don’t take care of him, who will?!
2…… Its in you
3. Every woman is a star
4. 0809ja for life
5…. Kills insects dead
6. I don port o
7…… With pride
8. The smartphone network
9. Just in one wash
10….. Go wipe o!
11. Bam bam la la
12. Long throat bottle
13. Where’s the pulp
14. Sun is shining
15. Eight, eight, no stain no check!
16….. Our milk
17. Super taste, super you!
18. Iodized salt
19. Truly the first
20. Rich in malt, rich in taste, rich in happiness……

If u can’t name at least 10, you are not a Nigerian….

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